Greg Vigoren, DDS

We are your complete care dentist. Our services include: Bridges, Inlays, Crowns Filings, Veneers, Periodontics, Whitening Hygiene, Implants.

We aim to empower patients through education to make better decisions for their long-term best interest.


Dr. Vigoren and his practice stand out among the rest, just look to his happy patients for confirmation. His patients get 95% fewer teeth extracted, fewer crowns, fewer root canals because of Dr. Vigoren’s rigorous work and tedious care. Dr. Vigoren gets to the “root” of teeth problems through magnification; because of magnification Dr. Vigoren is able to go down deeper, examining your teeth down to microns, where these others are only examining in millimeters. Dr. Vigoren strives for long-term, restorative, and predictable clinical outcomes, “These are results”, Dr. Vigoren says so himself.

Dr. Vigoren specializes in dentin contamination issues, their effects on teeth, systemic health and ensuring restorative durability.

“Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the icing on the cake, restorative dentistry is the cake.”